Fire Protection Engineering


Fire protection engineering, sometimes called fire engineering, is the process through which buildings and other structures are designed to withstand fire and keep occupants safe. Fire protection engineering involves the application of scientific principles and engineering analysis, within the constraints of a regulatory framework, to design the fire protection and life safety systems of buildings and other structures.

Reax Engineering Inc. fire experts have extensive experience in fire protection engineering design of buildings and other structures, including:

    • Fire modeling
    • Design of smoke control systems, including mechanical or natural ventilation smoke exhaust systems or stair pressurization systems
    • Performance based design of fire protection and life safety systems
    • Structural fire engineering, including specifying required levels of structural fire resistance on concrete or steel members and how best to achieve these ratings (intumescent coatings, spray-on fire resistant materials, etc.)
    • ASET/RSET analysis: development of performance-based fire safety solutions by ensuring a design's Available Safe Egress Time (ASET) is greater than its Required Safe Egress Time (RSET).
    • Optimizing a building's fire detection systems, occupant notification systems, and means of egress arrangement as part of prescriptive or performance-based fire engineering designs
    • Determining optimal placement of fire detection systems (smoke detectors, heat detectors, beam detectors)
    • Optimizing locations of fire-rated construction such as fire walls and fire barriers to limit maximum foreseeable losses
    • Establishing safe separation distances between fuel packages
    • Designing water-based or clean-agent fire suppression systems to mitigate the fire hazard posed by expected building contents
    • Building code consulting and fire code consulting - International Building Code (IBC) and California Building Code (CBC), International Fire Code (IFC), etc.
    • Third party review

Contact one of Reax Engineering Inc.'s fire experts for any inquiries related to fire protection engineering and design.



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