Fred Stumpp, PE

Fred Stumpp has more than 48 years of fire protection and mechanical engineering experience and expertise in the field of building fire safety, building and fire codes, fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems, smoke control, and fire-resistive building construction. His experience reaches across many types of buildings and facilities including but not limited to low-rise and high-rise commercial and residential buildings, warehouses, labs, hospitals, theatres, electrical power generation plants, and fire pumping facilities.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University, and he is a Registered Fire Protection Engineer and Mechanical Engineer in the state of California. He has worked 18 years for the San Francisco Fire Department Plan Check Section reviewing and approving plans for construction and renovation of new and existing low-rise and high-rise commercial and residential buildings, warehouses, labs, and electrical generation facilities.

A result of Fred’s expertise was the development of the San Francisco Fire Department Administrative Bulletin 4.25 “Car Stacking/Lift Systems” prior to any formal guidance on this topic in the NFPA Standards for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems. When a vehicle fire broke out in a car stacker in 2014, the sprinkler system and SFFD were able to contain the fire damage to the vehicle of origin.  Fred has also managed a fire testing and certification lab for Intertek Testing for over 5 years. In addition, he worked for engineering and construction firms Bechtel Corporation and Brown & Root Inc. for over 16 years designing and constructing electrical power generation stations and designing and constructing the Alaska North Slope Oil Pipeline Gathering Centers.


Berkeley, CA