Fire Protection Engineering

Fire protection engineering, sometimes called fire engineering, is the process through which buildings and other structures are designed to withstand fire and keep occupants safe. Fire protection engineering involves the application of scientific principles and engineering analysis, within the constraints of a regulatory framework, to design the fire protection and life safety systems of buildings and other structures.

Reax Engineering Inc. fire experts have extensive experience in fire protection engineering design of buildings and other structures, including the following:

Fire Modeling for Building Design

Computer fire modeling has become an integral part of fire protection engineering and building design.

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Smoke Control System Design

Smoke control systems keep building occupants safe from smoke generated during unwanted fires.

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Performance-Based Design

Question and answer format.

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Structural Fire Engineering

Structural Fire Engineering is the application of heat transfer and structural principles to analyze the thermal and structural response of buildings in fire.

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ASET/RSET Analysis

For the performance-based design of smoke control systems, and atrium smoke control systems, in particular, an ASET/RSET analysis is usually conducted.

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Wildfire Risk Mitigation

Wildfire risk mitigation is the use of engineering principles in conjunction with an analysis of geospatial data to strategically protect property and valued assets from exposure to wildfires.

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