California Wildfires

Reax has extensive experience in wildland fire forensic reconstructions, hazard analysis, experimental characterization, and modeling work. We have recently co-chaired the Peer Development Panel (PDP) that was tasked by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) with developing a statewide fire hazard/risk map that identifies areas at elevated or extreme risk of experiencing wildland or wildland urban interface fires. Reax has been retained as subject matter experts by several California electrical utilities and communications companies regarding ongoing CPUC proceedings to develop a statewide fire hazard/risk map.

We have conducted high resolution wind/weather  modeling  to  analyze  historical  fire  weather  in Southern California from 1979 – 2012 and developed a customized wildland fire hazard model for a large electrical utility. We have developed ELMFIRE (Eulerian Level Set Model of Fire Spread), a parallelized model for simulating wildland fire spread and quantifying wildland fire risk via Monte Carlo simulation. Reax has been retained as experts in numerous wildland fire reconstructions, origin and cause hypothesis testing, fire spread modeling, fire plume modeling, calculation of trajectory and temperature histories of metallic particles and fire embers and numerous experimental assessments of particle and ember ignition of fuel beds.

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