Thermal, Fire, and Fluid Dynamics Analysis and Computational Modeling – Municipal Waste Incineration

Reax Engineering has recently completed several heat transfer analysis and pyrolysis modeling projects for proposed municipal solid waste to energy incineration technologies. Our expertise using multi-phase and reacting flow modeling techniques has supported rapid prototyping and feasibility studies of several types of incineration, biomass torrefaction, and rotary kiln biochar and wood chip reactor systems. We have developed a comprehensive three-dimensional computational model for predicting heat release and emissions from charcoal combustion and development of flammability and thermal property assessments of new wall board products. Diverse capabilities in analysis and modeling has seen application in thermodynamic analysis of non-traditional methods for carbon capture and sequestration, prediction of atmospheric dispersion of pollutant transport using EPA’s AERMOD software, and calculation of overhead electrical utility catenary curves and excursions in high winds.

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